The Basics

The campaign “Hate Harms the Soul – Love Heals the Soul” was launched by the Protestant Parish of Central Berlin in the run-up to the 2017 German general election out of our concern for the increasing hostility and cold-heartedness in our society. People are being marginalized and attacked – or seen as dangerous, dimwitted, or inferior – because of their religions, places of origin, or sexual identities. Even within our church, there are some who share discriminatory or nationalistic views. In response, we take a clear stand and say: Hate harms the soul! Populism harms the soul! Racism harms the soul! Sexism harms the soul!

The phrase “Love Heals the Soul” should be understood against this backdrop. We have faith that a life of justice and peace is possible. Every human being is in the likeness of God and should have a chance to experience that love is good for the soul.

We also distributed the same message on little cards at Gay Pride, saying: As a member of the LGBTIQ* community, you can count on the church to support you!

Ever since, we have attended many protest marches bearing these banners to take a stand against racism and fascism and to support human rights, respect, and democracy.